Makeup Geek Review & Swatches— Updated!

If you’ve seen my instagram posts or read any of my posts on here about makeup, you probably know my undying love for Makeup Geek eyeshadows. They are truly some of the best eyeshadows I have ever used. The quality is comparable to Urban Decay or Mac (though personally I think MUG is better than MAC). The best part? Makeup Geek retails for $6/single eyeshadow whereas other high end brands retail for about $12 – $18/single eyeshadow. 


I store all my eyeshadows in Z-Palettes which are magnetic palettes with see through lids. I LOVE these palettes because they are so sturdy and good quality. You see those three messed up looking eyeshadows in the picture? Well I dropped my palette from counter height a while back and only those three broke. #Winning. Yes, I had a mini heart attack. (By the way, this is how you fix broken eyeshadows. Obviously mine don’t look as pretty as the picture but hey, they still do the job.)


You may remember me saying something about how Makeup Geek sent me a bunch of eyeshadows a little while back (which I am still over the moon excited about). They did not ask me to write this post or pay me anything. I found out about Makeup Geek LONG before they even knew I existed. :)


Can we take a moment to talk about how beautiful that packaging is though? Especially the duochrome eyeshadow packaging. I have not once gotten a broken eyeshadow from MUG. I manage to do that all on my own. They come wrapped in bubble wrap with packing peanuts and I’ve always been impressed with how carefully packaged the box is. 

Ready for some swatches? :)


*heart eyes emoji*


These swatches are one row of eyeshadows each.

From left to right: White Lies, Ice Queen, Shimma Shimma, Bling*, Rapunzel, Mirage, Vanilla Bean

*I cannot for the life of me find Bling anywhere on Makeup Geek’s store. I’m thinking they’re discontinuing it or there’s a temporary bug in the website.


Left to Right: Baby Face (This is actually a very pigmented shadow but since it’s nearly exactly the same color as my arm it doesn’t look like it), Beaches and Cream, Peach Smoothie, Purely Naked, Creme Brulee, Cinderella, Sorbet


Left to Right: Petal Pusher, Bedrock, Barcelona Beach, Latte, Frappe, Desert Sands, Preppy


Left to Right: Vintage, Concrete Jungle, Taupe Notch, Homecoming, Brown Sugar, Hipster, High Tea


Left to Right: Cocoa Bear, Mocha, Bitten, Cherry Cola, Americano, Bada Bing, Corrupt


I’m going to swatch all the foiled shadows together, then duochromes, then shimmers, then mattes, as opposed to how I did the other ones (row by row).


From left to right: Flame Thrower, GrandstandStarry Eyed, In the Spotlight, Charmed, Houdini


From left to right (two different pictures of the same colors so you can see the duochrome-ness better): I’m Peachless, Blacklight, Havoc, Ritzy, Typhoon


Left to Right: Peacock, Shark Bait, Dirty Martini, Unexpected, Chickadee, Poppy


Left to Right: Roulette, Sin City*, Casino*, Mercury, Moondust, Glass Slipper, Last Dance

*These two are from the limited edition Vegas Lights palette and Makeup Geek does not sell them individually anymore. :( However, MUG has two eyeshadow that are similar: Glamorous is similar to Sin City, and Gold Digger is similar to Casino.

I hope this post helped y’all out if you’re trying to decide which eyeshadows to buy or you wanted to see how they look swatched on someone with (very) pale skin! :)
xoxo Mrs. Herd

The motherload of Makeup Geek swatches!

Aqua Smoke – Look of the Day

MAKEUP TUTORIAL!!!! This smoky aqua look is probably my favorite look I have EVER done. In the history of EVER (or at least as long as I’ve been doing makeup). Blue and turquoise eyeshadow CAN look good on blue or green eyes! 



First of all, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Makeup Geek Cosmetics for sending me these eyeshadows! I still feel like I’m living in a dream! I am beyond honored and thrilled to team up with them.

Yes, they sent me some of the shadows used in this look but I fell in love with Makeup Geek’s products long before they reached out to me. All opinions are my own. :)

Okay onto the tutorial:

Products used:
White Lies – pure matte white – using a flat shader brush, apply this on the browbone and inner corner.
Baby Face – matte very light taupe – next buff this all throughout the crease using a fluffy brush to make blending easier.
High Tea – olive-y taupe – taking a small blending brush like the Sigma E25, blend this in the crease using back and forth motions. once there is very little product left on the brush, buff it around in circular motions.
Beaches and Cream – matte peachy tan – take this color on a fluffy brush and blend out the edges of everything and also buff on the lower lashline.
Peacock – dark matte teal – go over High Tea with this color, but keep it “tighter” in the crease, as in don’t blend too far up. :) You can blend Beaches and Cream to blend everything out again. Just keep blending!
Houdini – foiled emerald green teal – using your finger, pop this all over the lid, but don’t go any farther than the crease.
Charmed – foiled silvery olive – using your finger, pop this on the center of your lid and blend the two colors together with a pencil brush and a little more of Houdini.
Shimma Shimma – peachy vanilla shimmer – last step! Take this color on a flat shader brush and apply this to the inner corner of the eyes. 


Optional step: apply Houdini to the waterline using small angled brush and apply a thin line of black liner to the top lashline. 

Put on false lashes (if you feel like it) and mascara! The lashes I used are Kiss Lashes number 11.


The rest of the products I used on ma face:

For foundation I used Maskcara Cosmetics IIID Foundation in linen (now White Peach) + stone + pink grapefruit + pearl. I used her new Perfecter sponge (it looks like the beauty blender but a pretty baby pink color) and OH MY GOODNESS. It is so much softer than the original BB and it blends just as well and it’s also bouncier. Cara, you did it again! 😍

For my brows I used NYX micro brow pencil in taupe and Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill brow gel in light/medium.

NYX High Definition concealer in porcelain to conceal the situation under my eyes (this is the absolute best under eye concealer in my opinion!)

Fresh Beauty sugar shine lip treatment in nude

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Don’t be afraid of trying out colors you don’t think will look good on you – you might be surprised! Also, am I the only one who does their makeup and then says “forget that” when it comes time to fix your hair?! Please tell me I’m not the only one. 😁😂

This smoky aqua looks beautiful on every eye color! #makeupgeek #turquoiseeyemakeup #turquoisesmokyeye

xoxo Mrs. Herd

Coral Halo – Look of the Day

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in foreverandahalf. Spending time with my family and my husband comes first for me. This isn’t my full-time job, and I’m not trying to make it into one. My ultimate goal is to be a stay-at-home mommy. But don’t worry I’m not giving up blogging! :)

Okay so onto the makeup. 

coral halo eye makeup

coral halo eye makeup

Here’s the products I used and the steps to create this look:

Morphe 35N Matte Palette – the eyeshadows don’t have names so I drew little hearts on the shadows I used. Start by buffing the sand color with a big fluffy brush all over your crease. Take the lighter coral color and using a smaller blending brush (the Sigma E25 is perfect for this job) buff that color through the crease. Concentrate the color on the outer and inner corners of your crease. Taking the same blending brush you used to apply the sand color, blend the coral out. Take the same brush you used to apply the coral and using the darker coral color, buff it from outer crease to inner crease, but not blending it up too high. Taking a small crease brush*, apply the lighter coral on the lower lashline and blend out. 

*Here’s three crease brushes from brands I like: Makeup Geek Small Crease Brush, Sigma E34, and Sonia Kashuk No. 8. I used a similar brush I’ve had for years but I believe they discontinued it.

Morphe Eyeshadow 35N Palette

(this image is from the Morphe Brushes website.)

Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadow “In The Spotlight” – {intense metallic peach} Using your finger, apply this all over the lid. 

Makeup Geek eyeshadow “Roulette” – {shimmery copper} Using the same brush you used to apply the coral colors, take “Roulette” and blend out “In the Spotlight,” going from outer to inner corner. If you lose some of the intensity of In the Spotlight you can go back and apply a bit more to the center of your lid with your finger. 

Makeup Geek eyeshadow “Bitten” – {matte cranberry} Take a tiny bit of this on the same crease brush you used on the lower lashline and blend this into the coral color.

Makeup Geek eyeshadow “White Lies” – {matte white} Using a small shader brush (such as the Sigma E54 or Sonia Kashuk No. 106) apply this to the brow bone and inner corner. If you have very tan skin you may want to go with a more yellow or peach toned eyeshadow instead of a stark white.

Stila Stay All Day Liner – Apply liner however you normally do.

Kiss Lashes #11 – {these are very similar to Ardell Demi Wispies} Coat your upper and lower lashes with mascara first and apply falsies. (This is optional but it really adds that extra something. :))

I hope you enjoyed this look and if you recreate it be sure to post a picture on instagram and tag me in it and hashtag #haveyallherdmakeup so I can see!

coral halo eye makeup

Note: there are a few affiliate links in this post. That means that if you purchase any items I link (through Amazon) I get a very very very tiny percentage. All opinions are my own and I would never promote something I didn’t actually use and love myself.

Fun, colorful, but still TOTALLY wearable look! You can substitute warm browns for the corals to transition this look perfectly for fall!

xoxo Mrs. Herd

Maskcara Cosmetics IIID Foundation Review and Tutorial

Remember in my last post how I mentioned this bomb dot com (does anyone say bomb dot com anymore?) foundation I used on Alicia? I’m going to talk more in depth about it today!

(Before you keep reading please know that I am NOT sponsored in any way and I am not paid to write this. I just really really love IIID Foundation and I think you will too!)

If any of you are familiar with beauty blogger and makeup artist Cara Brook from her blog Maskcara, then you probably already know a bit about IIID Foundation. If you haven’t heard of it before, go read what she has to say about it because she can explain the product she created much better than I can.

Basically you pick four colors–a highlighting “foundation” shade, a contouring “foundation” shade, a blush which doubles as a lip color, and an illuminator. They are all creme products which come in magnetic pans, so if you run out of one color before you run out of others, you can simply pop it out of the palette and replace it rather than having to buy all four over again.

The compact with four shades of your choice (read more here on how to choose your colors) is $42 which in my opinion is a very reasonable price considering the quality and how much you get for your money. The replacement pans are $9 each.


Information booklet that comes with your order. ↑


I ordered all of the shades she offers because I am a makeup artist and I needed enough shades for different skin tones. Please note that unless you are doing other people’s makeup, you won’t need all 10 shades.


The palette that I have these in is a Z-Palette, not the one that comes with the IIID Foundation. I use these palettes for my eyeshadows and blushes as well. The only reason I use this palette as opposed to the one by Maskcara is so I can fit them all in one palette.


This ↓ is what IIID looks like on ma face. The colors I used are linen + stone + shadow + pink grapefruit + pearl.


This ↓ is what my face looks like with traditional foundation. I am not wearing concealer in this photo. (My brows are not filled in and I don’t have mascara on but besides that I have all my eye makeup on.)

traditional foundation

This ↓ is how crazy it looks while you are applying it. I like to apply it with a flat foundation brush and then blend it out with a damp Beauty Blender.


The chart below should help you with where to apply each color. It’s easier than it looks!

highlighting and contouring explation

I promise you though it WILL blend out perfectly and beautifully. It is important to have moisturized your skin before applying it, but that is something I would recommend regardless of the foundation.


See? I am not wearing ANY concealer in this ↓ photo, not even under my eyes. (And I have dark circles that make me look like I’m a professional UFC boxer for a living.) I’m wearing nothing other than IIID and a little bit of translucent powder on my face.



IIID Foundation Review + Demo

This is hands down the BEST foundation I have ever tried (and I’ve tried quite a few). I have oily skin and I will get “dewy” in a few hours but it’s nothing major. I have also used IIID on women with dry and combination skin and it looks amazing on them, too.

Just wanted to let everyone know about such an amazing product!

xoxo Mrs. Herd

Alicia’s Wedding Makeup

I recently had the pleasure of doing Alicia’s makeup and hair for her 10th anniversary “The Princess Bride” themed vow renewal. She made such a beautiful and radiant bride! She and her husband Drew (and their service dog Rex) have an amazing story. Go check it out here!


I wanted to keep her skin looking radiant while letting her freckles shine through. I used IIID Foundation (a foundation created by Cara from Maskcara) in Sunlit + Walnut + Ruby + Pearl. I also used a bit of Ruby (the blush shade) on her lips.

(This foundation is the bomb you guys. More on it coming soon!)


For the eyes I used a soft black to create a large “v” shape around the corner of her eyes. I really wanted to enhance how big they naturally are and so I blended the black slightly above the crease.

Shadows used: (I don’t remember the specific shadows used, but these colors are all very easy to find)

Soft matte black eyeshadow (a charcoal gray or very dark brown would also be beautiful)

Matte ivory (all over the lid)

Matte medium brown through the crease and on the outer corner

Shimmery but not sparkly vanilla shade on the lid and brow bone (I used Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean and Shimma Shimma mixed together.)

On the inner corner of her eyes (which is hard to see in the pictures) I used a white shimmery loose pigment.

Lashes are my all time favorite Ardell Demi Wispies. They work on absolutely everyone!

xoxo Mrs. Herd

Snip, Snip

I got my huurrrr cut! I love it so much. My hair was damaged and my natural blonde roots had grown out quite a bit. The rachet look you see below needed to go.



Ta-da! Thank you so much to Savannah for cutting and dying my hair. She did an amazing job and way exceeded my expectations!



It feels so much lighter and healthier!

xoxo Mrs. Herd

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